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July 15 2013

3431 dd57
fall, floor, funny

Image size: 500x500

July 14 2013

7685 698b
heart, love, mind

Image size: 378x378
2803 58a6
clouds, fall, mountain

Image size: 400x295

July 13 2013

0186 4d31
true, truth, relationship

Image size: 1000x700
0187 a5cd
love, life, relationship

Image size: 1000x700
0188 21ce
religion, lgbt, cult color

Image size: 700x1050

July 08 2013

1944 218b
Relationship, boys, fight

Image size: 612x612
9082 6dfb
animal, clever, cute

Image size: 612x612
6387 2560
actor, fashion, freaky

Image size: 612x612

July 07 2013

3172 80d2
best friend, bestfriend, pretty

Image size: 595x440
4898 8b4e
black and white, break, cry

Image size: 500x352

July 06 2013

4067 a694
autumn, beauitful, cute

Image size: 500x334
7577 6d82
quotes, sayings, yes

Image size: 1000x700
7579 f536
Lyrics, bitch, cry

Image size: 402x325
2146 6737
quotes, sayings, true

Image size: 1000x700
2147 3b36
quotes, sayings, true

Image size: 1000x800
2148 b7b0
quotes, sayings, true

Image size: 600x405
2149 dae3
quote, saying, true

Image size: 1000x800
2150 ad08
quotes, sayings, true

Image size: 1000x700
8600 a540
anxeity, depressed, depressing

Image size: 400x453
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