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July 06 2013

8933 30cc
autumn, beautiful, fall

Image size: 500x665

July 05 2013

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beautiful, cute, destiny

Image size: 500x698
6701 befb
I Love You, again, bye

Image size: 500x450
6198 f4d3
beautiful, cute, destiny

Image size: 500x444
6199 87f8
cute, facts, feelings

Image size: 480x300
3604 68af
bitch, fun, funny

Image size: 500x502

July 04 2013

9096 fb85
ahaha, amazing, art

Image size: 430x290
8372 6a4e
adorable, alone, autumn

Image size: 500x334
3868 3d95
9gag, buy, cream

Image size: 414x631
8373 f77e
I Love You, drink, fall

Image size: 500x333
8596 c46b
dreams, expectations, frases

Image size: 500x700
8374 9aca
anorak, autumn, aztec

Image size: 560x460
1663 8abe
Easy, black and white, care

Image size: 612x612
5495 7ec9
mistake, time, second

Image size: 500x333
4474 7ab2
Dream, awesome, boy

Image size: 500x500

July 03 2013

5887 6179
beautiful, girl, text

Image size: 500x412
1948 6fdf
Relationship, all, happy

Image size: 485x485
4262 794c
cute, free, freedom

Image size: 500x300
7312 25ec
Sandy, admire, anonymous

Image size: 500x750

July 02 2013

1589 970d
adorable, awesome, bag

Image size: 500x500
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