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July 02 2013

0245 5ec9
WITH, boys, fall

Image size: 500x333

July 01 2013

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Dream, can, faith

Image size: 500x500
9702 182c
FRUiTS, autumn, banana

Image size: 612x612
6496 8977
body, fall, girls

Image size: 439x604
7321 2c3f
Relationship, acceptance, future

Image size: 500x332

June 30 2013

7329 d47f
Who, about, came

Image size: 500x750
7333 2907
WITH, follow, have

Image size: 485x431
7340 3aa1
billboard, cheaper, letters

Image size: 400x300
7345 a11f
Relationship, beach, boy

Image size: 500x504
7354 a8c6
beautiful, blackandwhite, boy

Image size: 500x305
7357 a9d3
fake, friendship, liar

Image size: 500x281
7364 568d
amazing, around, beauty

Image size: 500x331
6920 ea1e
alone, autumn, beautiful

Image size: 500x334
7369 79df
beautiful, couple, cute

Image size: 500x261
7375 3ba0
boy, bullshit, cute

Image size: 624x352

June 29 2013

7382 cc0c
as, be, being

Image size: 500x334
7389 8c46
awkwardness, flirt, fun

Image size: 500x488
7393 8cdf
Relationship, life, love

Image size: 403x335

June 28 2013

7401 b8de
charlie sheen, enjoy, heart broken

Image size: 400x285
7405 c207
Dream, beautiful, color

Image size: 500x333
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